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How To Dress Your Newborn For Summer (+ 5 Outfit Ideas)

How To Dress Your Newborn For Summer (+ 5 Outfit Ideas)

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While most of us parents will spend time researching how to keep our little ones warm in the winter so that they’re cosy and comfy, we might not realise how important the appropriate summer clothing is for babies. Babies have a limited ability to regulate their own body temperature. This means that in summer, it’s essential to ensure that your bub is cool and not overheating.

If you’re a new parent or already a mum or dad who is looking for tips and tricks on how to keep your newborn baby cool in summer, then keep reading. This blog will cover everything you need to know about newborn summer clothing and sun safety and provide you with a list of must-have baby summer clothes and outfit ideas for your little prince or princess.

How to dress your baby in summer

Just like adults, your newborn’s body temperature should be between 36ºC and 37ºC. If your baby’s temperature is any higher than this, don’t panic — this doesn’t always mean they’re sick; your little one is probably just overheating from their clothing. Newborn babies have a limited ability to sweat — one of the natural ways that we cool ourselves down when we are too hot — which is why they can become overheated very quickly.

For this reason, it’s important to know how to dress a newborn in summer. When you’re dressing your baby on a summer’s morning, think about your own clothing. Would you be warm enough in a dress? Is it too hot for woollen socks and a beanie? If you are comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts, then your baby will likely be comfortable in similar clothing too. And if things cool down later in the day, you can always add layers.

Newborn baby summer checklist

Baby boy and baby girl summer clothes should be loose-fitting, lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. This will ensure your little one won’t overheat. If your bub is going to be exposed to the sun, consider breathable clothing that covers as much of their skin as possible. 

Here is our must-have summer baby clothes list:

5 baby girl and baby boy summer outfit ideas

Now that you know exactly what you need to complete your newborn summer wardrobe, it’s time to pair the separate items together to create the cutest baby girl and baby boy summer outfits! 

  1. Out and about outfit

    If you’ve got a lunch planned with friends or have some errands to run, this is a popular, gender-neutral outfit for little ones. Pop your bub into a cotton onesie — either on its own or paired with a breathable woven sun hat for extra sun protection.

  2. A relaxing at home look

    When a baby is at home on a hot summer’s day, comfort is always more important than fashion. Ditch the layers and keep it simple — dress bub in a trusty romper. Or, for the ultimate freedom to wriggle around and feel the wind against their skin, nothing but a nappy is always a treat!

  3. Meeting new friends in style

    If you’re off to meet up with friends and family, throw your favourite romper over a breathable cotton t-shirt for extra sun protection and an outfit that is breathable but still cute. Don’t forget your open-toe sandals, too! 

  1. Ready for a day at the beach

    Bub at the beach — is there anything cuter? Slip them into their brightly coloured boardies or fabulous swimmers, pop on a pair of little sunnies to prevent squinting and, of course, you can’t forget the wide-brim summer hat. Now your little one is ready for the salt, sun and sand.

  2. Summer nights with mum and dad

    On those (often) rare occasions where bub is behaving well enough to take out for a quick dinner, a light dress and a pair of strappy sandals is not only restaurant-appropriate but also comfortable. Otherwise, there is nothing quite as easy as a coordinated t-shirt and shorts set for boys.

Summertime sun safety for your bub

While dressing bub in the summertime is quick, simple and ever so adorable, it’s essential to keep in mind that their skin is more likely to be exposed to the sun in their summer outfits. Remember, newborn skin is even more sensitive to sun damage than adult skin and proper sun protection is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s a sunny day, overcast or even raining, your little one should never leave home without:


  • Sunscreen
  • A hat that shades their face

Top tip: if possible, keep your little one undercover and in the shade whenever you can. Lightweight clothing that covers their skin can be a clever way to keep bub protected and looking cute!


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