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How To Dress Your Baby During The Winter

How To Dress Your Baby During The Winter

Simona Maes |

As a parent, keeping your little one warm during the winter is incredibly important. Unlike adults, babies lack the ability to fully regulate their temperatures. Fortunately, our Urban Bubs family has consolidated the need-to-know guidelines in the following blog post to help you dress your baby. We’ve organised our advice into three sections that are based on the most common scenarios you’ll encounter as a parent. Enjoy!


Outdoor Stroller Rides


Stroller rides are an excellent way to exercise while giving your baby a breath of fresh air. As a best practice, we recommend dressing your baby with one more layer than what you would personally wear to feel comfortable. For example, if you would feel comfortable and warm in a standard jacket, you may want to provide your baby with an extra jumper on top of their baby onesie and beneath their jacket.


Carseat Considerations


As a safety concern, we strongly suggest that parents do not dress their babies in bulky coats or jackets during car rides. As an alternative, consider nestling your little one with a light blanket. In terms of outfit selection, a light jumper on top of a baby romper would provide cozy warmth when combined with a blanket.

Of note, do not place any covers underneath the safety mechanisms and straps of your carseat.


Indoor Wear


If you’re planning to keep your baby indoors, we recommend dressing them in an  appropriate outfit for the temperature, there’s no reason to apply unnecessary layers.

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Closing Remarks


Keeping your loved ones warm during the winter can require frequent outfit changes, careful planning, and selective shopping. We hope you have gained valuable insight from our blog post! If so, please feel free to share it on your social media pages. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram for outfit inspiration, adorable pictures, and more.


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Thank you for reading!