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How Much Clothing Do You Need For A Baby? A Complete Guide

How Much Clothing Do You Need For A Baby? A Complete Guide

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Whether you are already expecting a baby or you are doing your homework ahead of time to prepare for when you and your partner are ready, many parents-to-be feel confused and somewhat intimidated by the amount of “stuff” a baby needs. While prams, cots, baby monitors and other necessary baby purchases are outside our area of expertise, at Urban Bubs, we sure know a thing or two about how many clothes you need for a baby and what you should buy before the birth.

Read on for helpful tips and advice on which items, what sizes and how many newborn clothes to buy as well as a trick or two we have learnt along the way.

What you need for a newborn baby

Let’s get straight into it with a must-have checklist for a newborn baby. Most parents will agree that when you welcome your little one home, the minimum you want to have ready is:

  • 4-6 newborn baby bodysuits — Easy to put on and take off, baby bodysuits make nappy changes a breeze and are an absolute must-have when putting together your baby’s wardrobe.
  • 4-6 onesies and playsuits — Perfect for layering on colder days or for easily dressing all year round, you can’t take a newborn home without at least a few onesies.
  • 4 swaddles and wraps — Fundamental to helping your baby sleep better and for longer, swaddles and wraps are a new parent’s best friend.
  • 4 pairs of socks — The majority of a baby’s heat escapes through their head and feet, so cover those adorable tiny toes with cute little socks to keep their body temperature at the right level.

Baby things to buy before birth

When you are getting ready for the big day, it’s important that you think ahead as well. Getting the newborn baby shopping list ticked off will have you covered for the first few weeks or months, but time flies by faster than you have ever thought possible. While you are out and about getting the shopping done, remember the baby clothes you’ll need later on, both in size and looks.

Baby essentials first 3 months

The must-have newborn baby shopping list we mentioned above only covers the bare minimum that will see you through your at-home baby needs. You’ll definitely want to add more options and styles to your baby’s wardrobe to have your little one looking even more gorgeous when meeting your extended family and friends for the first time. Baby essential outfits for the first 3 months include:

  • 4-5 t-shirts and singlets — Some parents say you can never have enough tops for a baby. Start with 4, and be reassured that you’ll be receiving many more from friends and family.
  • 2 rompers — Bright, colourful and practical, you’ll love dressing your little one in a romper.
  • 2-3 pants and shorts — From shorts to leggings and jeans, you will be amazed by the many options to choose from when it comes to baby bottoms. Choose a few block colours to ensure they’ll go with everything, and add one or two more stylish pieces for special occasions.
  • 2 dresses — If you are having a little girl, nothing else will have her look more like the little princess she is than a gorgeous baby dress

Having variety in your newborn baby wardrobe will also allow you to mix it up with different styles and shapes — since you won’t know the exact size of your baby until birth, having several options to choose from will make it easier down the line.

What sizes of baby clothes to buy

Now that you have a clearer idea of how many clothes you need for your baby and what styles, the last question you might have is what sizes of baby clothes you should buy. Let’s start answering by looking at how baby sizes work in Australia. An approximate guide is:

  • 0-3 months — size 000
  • 3-6 months — size 00
  • 6-12 months — size 0
  • 12-18 months — size 1
  • 18-24 months — size 2

When deciding what you need for a newborn baby, we always recommend checking the brand’s sizing guide as they can vary, with some companies also offering size 0000 for very small newborns. Taking into consideration our previous explanation of baby essentials first 3 months clothing, when you are buying baby things before birth we suggest that you shop for clothing in both size 000 and size 00. With some styles and brands running small and your baby’s growth happening at a completely independent rate, you might need size 00 before you are ready to spend more time shopping.

A word of advice

When deciding how many clothes you need for your baby and what styles, these are our top two tips:

  1. Laundry — The actual amount of baby clothing you will need is directly related to how often you will be doing your laundry. The one mistake that many first-time parents make is thinking that they will be able to easily carry out the same domestic chores they were doing before the little one’s arrival. Even with help from others, finding time to do laundry may be harder than you think. If you already know you’ll only be doing laundry once a week, multiply the numbers we have given you so far by two.
  2. Think about the season — The time of year your baby is born will affect what clothes you should buy. While a super tiny swimsuit might look irresistible now in summer, while you are six months pregnant and shopping for all the baby things you have to buy before birth, your baby will likely not need it for a while. Similarly, if it gets cold where you live, make sure you have planned ahead and added warm jackets, beanies and mittens to your newborn baby shopping list.

Shop for all your baby’s essential first 3 months at Urban Bubs

Now that you know how many clothes you need for a baby, what styles and what sizes, the fun part begins. Picking out adorable tiny outfits is one of the best parts of expecting, and the fun is only made better by shopping at Urban Bubs. With colourful and irresistible prints and styles, let those parental instincts run wild and grab everything your newborn baby will need. Thanks to our competitive prices and excellent qualities, you can kit out your baby’s wardrobe with exceptional pieces at incredible prices.