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Top 5 Everyday Outfit Ideas For Your Little Girl

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Choosing an outfit for your little girl can be a great way for you and your daughter to start the day off together. And once kids start to develop their own unique sense of style, it can be fun to let them express their personality through their fashion choices.

If you’re a proud parent to a little fashionista and are looking for a few ideas to help your little one look her absolute best for every playdate, then check out our top 5 everyday outfit ideas for girls. Whether you’ve just welcomed a baby girl into your family, or your toddler has outgrown her old wardrobe, we have some fantastic styling tips for you!

1. Invest in mix ‘n’ match pieces

There is nothing more magical than watching your little one grow up. Before you know it, she’ll have outgrown that favourite dress and will need a wardrobe update. Because kids grow so quickly, a great outfit idea for girls is to invest in mix ‘n’ match pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. This allows you to keep your baby girl’s wardrobe small, but in a way that means she doesn’t have to dress the same every day.

For example, a good pair of classic baby jeans can be worn with a multitude of different shirts, jumpers and other accessories, and a cute baby cardi can be matched with a skirt or pants or worn over a onesie or a dress.

Outfit idea: Make the most of versatile high waist denim shorts and match them with boots or sandals and a range of different tops or jumpers.

2. Fit for playtime

Let’s face it — while the cute snaps you see of celebrities’ children in brand-name outfits might look outrageously cool, the reality is that most parents want their children’s clothes to be comfy, endure some wear and tear and not break the bank (especially considering your child will grow out of them sooner or later). On top of this, one of the most enjoyable parts of being a parent is watching your kids play and have fun — which can sometimes end up being pretty messy! So while you might be tempted to start dressing your baby girl in outfits that are mini versions of your own wardrobe, it makes more sense to invest in age-appropriate clothes that can stretch and be easily washed if and when they get dirty.

Outfit idea: The cute and colourful Sunflower Dungarees are a great choice for warmer days when you can match them with a short or long-sleeved shirt and a pair of simple sandals. Finish off the look with a hat to protect her head and she’s ready to play!

3. Keep it simple

You can dress your baby girl in a way that’s totally cute and individualistic while remaining simple. You don’t want to go over the top and dress your baby in layers of clothing or go too wild with unnecessary ruffles and bows. In most cases, less is more, especially when it comes to washing day!

Outfit idea: For a cool and fun baby girl outfit idea, try a pink and purple tie-dye onesie. This is a simple one-piece outfit, but its bright colours add oodles of personality! Finish the look with a matching bow in purple or pink.

4. Add fun, cute accessories

Almost any look can be instantly brightened up with the right accessories, whether that’s an adorable little bow, a super cute beret or a funky pair of sunnies. Even an older outfit that’s already seen some wear can be given a new lease on life with the right kind of accessories pairing.

Socks and tights also make for a cute baby girl outfit idea. At Urban Bubs, we have a huge range of socks and tights that are perfect for year-round wear — from knee-length socks with bows to ribbed coloured tights and sweet, lacy ankle socks. Socks and tights are great accessories because they can be paired with almost any outfit, and they can really make an outfit.

Outfit idea: To add an effortlessly cool look to almost any outfit, try a pair of Tortoiseshell Flower Sunglasses or Black Sunset Circle Glasses. You can also try matching the Sun Knit Romper in yellow with cute lace socks and a vibrant headband for a look that’s cheerful, sunny and bright.

5. Think big

While trying new baby girl outfit ideas can be super fun, it’s always good to remember that these clothes won’t fit them forever. Kids are constantly growing, so if you want to ensure that they get a lot of wear out of their outfits, then investing in larger sizes they can grow into is a good way to make them last. (That said, you should never buy something that is so big that it causes your little girl to stumble or trip while she’s walking.)

For example, you can get creative with your fashion choices by buying a shirt that’s a few sizes too big for your little one. An oversized shirt can double as a dress, while an oversized chunky-knit jumper can look absolutely adorable when paired with leggings and boots.

Outfit idea: Our super comfy, warm and stylish chunky knit jumpers come in a range of vibrant colours and sizes — all the way from 0-3 months up to 4-5 years of age.

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